Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Felipe Tristan on Networking

I think that a crucial element of this Fellowship for further development of our career is networking. Networking can be viewed as a magic key to doors that can be opened even when you least expect it-- you never know. Furthermore, this implies a snowball effect, a positive one. When one door opens, that leads you to facing other doors that might be opened in the future, and so on. You get the analogy. In other more tangible words, I believe that we must remain always open and receptive when attending events, being introduced to different people, keep a positive attitude and always present ourselves at our very best.

In this Fellowship, we have been scheduled to meet with various constituents at Lincoln Center as well as several artists, educators and entrepreneurs of the artistic circles of New York City. These have been extraordinary opportunities to introduce ourselves, our points of view and most importantly our work. Additionally, our mentors have been incredible advocates of our exposure and introduction to the artistic circles in the city. In my case, Katie, my mentor, has done an excellent job in this area, for which I am very thankful. She has introduced me to several musicians, conductors and composers of all levels, ages and backgrounds. This is a key element for an emerging artist.

Economists and marketers often talk about demand-supply philosophies for success in a determinate situation. On this path, I believe that it is important first that we determine what it is exactly that we want to get out a particular meeting and what are we going to do to create a bridge between the two parts, or a win-win situation, and later a follow up. If you have a solid idea of who you are, what you do and how it is unique and important to the world, then it is just a matter of putting the “product” out to the market, especially when you know there is a need for it (demand).

We live in a world with now over 7 billion humans, but still it can be a very small world when it comes to networking. Finally, I would like to add that while networking is a skill to be acquired and practiced, as I mentioned before, also we must always remain genuine and natural. I am very satisfied with the work done thus far in this Fellowship in that regard, and I am now looking forward for more doors to be opened and, of course, to open my own door to others.

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