Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Felipe Tristan Reflects on Viva la Flauta

Having finished the Fellowship on February 14th, Felipe reflects on the process of creating his artistic project, ¡Viva la Flauta!

Looking back and having taken a few deep breaths after the performances of my Artistic Project, ¡Viva la Flauta!, I can think of several reasons why to be pleased with the results, but also reasons to question and reflect upon what areas, not necessarily of my expertise, that I found myself learning a great deal about, such as stage managing, logistics, public relations, and marketing, among others.

Initially, the changing nature of the subject in the project made a big impact in the content and execution of the production, since I decided to no longer include a piece that I would conduct but instead an ambitious work for flute and Salsa band, and such ambition comes from how challenging it ended up being to gather expert-in-the-style musicians, have limited rehearsals, funds, and just putting together the piece. Also, the proposal was planned so that it would serve various purposes. I aimed for choosing a repertoire that could be used for immediate or future endeavors, auditions, other productions, didactic concerts, et cetera, while serving the subject matter of representing the various styles in the Americas.

Other factors include the big challenge of having multiple ensembles in the same program, not only logistically but musically; each number had to be taken as a mini-recital in a way, because it was a complete different setting of instruments, and therefore a different nature of sound, behavior of sound and other circumstances. There are always last-minute things, personnel changes at the last minute, musical decisions based on personal criteria, and with all that, decisions that had to be made on the spot, while always handling things as a very enjoyable and learning experience.

Overall, I have now a great sense of satisfaction for the project itself, but moreover for getting a glimpse of the amount of preparation and work needed besides the musical part for a production of such size or larger, especially because of my interest in producing similar or larger shows in the future. My artistic project was an incredible learning experience and it could not have been such without the mentorship and guidance of everyone at Lincoln Center Institute with whom I am and will always be very thankful.

Last, I am also extremely thankful with every person that made this Fellowship possible an extraordinary experience which will stay with me forever. Now, on to the next great project: life!
Felipe Tristan and Ryan Layton

Felipe Tristan, Katie Kresek, David Fallo, and Andrew Janss

From left: Felipe Tristan, Austin Vaughn, Jose Vasquez-Cofresi,
Justin Wood, Alex Terrier, and Allison Philips

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