Friday, March 2, 2012

Elizabeth Moore Reflects on Sound of Sight

Having completed the Fellowship on February 14th, Elizabeth reflects on the process of creating her artistic project collaboration with Hannah Emerson, Sound of Sight. 

Sitting down to write my reflection on the final phase of the Kenan Fellowship, I am struck by how positive the work on Sound of Sight has left me feeling. This transitional year out of college and into the greater wold has been for the most part a period of uncertainty. It is a time of change and growth, the future an unknown. Never have I viewed the unknown with such willingness and excitement. The production and performance of Sound of Sight has left me quite simply with a confidence in myself that I had not realized I was without.  
In successfully creating something with Hannah that is solely our own, I gained the confidence that I do indeed have something in me worth sharing with the world. Never have I felt such ownership of a performance nor have I before had such a positive experience while on stage. While there were still nerves, there was enough comfort and ease for real connection with the other performers on stage. There were times throughout both performances when I would catch a fellow performer’s eye, and I knew that we where in that moment creating something genuine and joyful. New and yet screaming of its roots.
It is not just the positive moments that have left me with greater confidence, but that we succeeded while stressed with greater responsibility than we had ever had opportunity to manage before. In the performance situations I had been in prior to Sound of Sight, I had been responsible only for myself and the music I played. Managing execution of the concept, musicians, costumes, programs, promotional material, lighting and stage manager, budget, was an entirely new experience... and, well, there is no better way to learn than by doing. More than anything, I would like to thank the Kenan Institute, LCI, my mentor Lisa, and the network of past and present Kenans for an incredible opportunity, their enthusiasm and support. I am leaving the Fellowship with the intention to continue sharing and collaborating with other artists, and to bring work that I am excited about to the greater world.

Elizabeth Moore, Andrew Motten, Scott O'Toole, and 2010-11 Kenan alum Kayla Herrmann

Elizabeth Moore and Shannon Sollars-White

The musicians with Alex Speedie, front

Hannah Emerson and Elizabeth Moore

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